Subject Combination 4-Year B.A. (Hons./ Hons. with Res.) in Major



Choice for Minor (I & II)


Any one Subject from Arts Discipline

"Two  Subjects  as Minor (I & II) taking one from any two (02) from the following groups (except the group of Major subject):
Group  1  :  Bengali
Group  2  :  History
Group  4  :  Philosophy
Group  5  :  English/Education
Group  6  :  Sanskrit/ Sociology


Subject Combination 4-Year B.S./B.Sc. (Hons./ Hons. with Res.) in Major


Choice for Minor (I & II)

Two  Subjects  as Minor (I &II) from the following combinations for
respective Major subject:


Mathematics/Physics/Computer Sc/Zoology/Nutrition/Botany

Computer  Sc.

Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Economics/Zoology/ Botany


Computer Sc/Mathematics/Chemistry/Zoology/Botany/Economics


Physics/Chemistry/Computer Sc/Economics


Mathematics/Chemistry/Computer Science

                 Multidisciplinary Studies

Choice for Minor (I &II) Two (02) Subjects as Major Disciplines (A & B) & One (01) Subject as Minor Discipline (C) from the following groups:

B.Sc. (Hons./ Hons. with Res.) in Life Sciences

Botany/ Zoology/ Nutrition

B.Sc. (Hons./ Hons. with Res.) in Physical Sciences

Physics/ Chemistry/ Computer Sc. / Mathematics/ Geography

B.Sc. (Hons./ Hons. with Res.) in Mathematics & Computer Sciences

Mathematics / Computer Science/ Economics

B.A. (Hons./ Hons. with Res.) in Social Sciences

Sociology/ Political Science / Economics/ Geography/ Education

B.A. (Hons./ Hons. with Res.) in Humanities

Three (03) subjects to be chosen taking one (01) from any of the three groups: a) Bengali b) English/ Education c) History d) Political Sc.  e) Philosophy f) Sanskrit